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How to Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford: Complete Procedure with FAQs

Have trouble finding out the outside temperature of your vehicle? The best solution is the answer to how to reset the ambient temperature sensor Ford.

This is a straightforward procedure that is fully described below.

Also, you can learn how to substitute this sensor, how it works and its main advantages.

In addition, you will get responses to the frequently asked questions on this subject. So, to get to know your Ford better, you need to read on.

How to Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford: 5 Simple Steps

Many manufacturers incorporate different sensors to optimize the comfort efficiency of their vehicles, and Ford is one of them due to its ambient air temperature sensor.

As it usually happens with any kind of parts in general, this sensor could present an inadequate performance regardless of the valuable life up to that moment.

That is why we present below some straightforward steps that can be performed to reset this sensor.

01. Find the sensor

First, it is necessary to know where this sensor is located inside the vehicle.

Of course, most vehicle manufacturers usually locate this sensor in the same place.

Several vehicles usually have this sensor near the engine, more precisely at the front.

Therefore, it is a site that is easy to reach.

Thus, it is possible to find this sensor in the motor bay or on the radiator front.

The most noticeable thing about the location of this sensor is that it is located away from the internal heat produced by the engine.

Otherwise, if the sensor were close to the engine, its operation would be inaccurate.

This is because it is a sensor responsible for measuring the outside temperature.

02. Disconnecting the battery

Another of the essential steps to work with this sensor is disconnecting the battery.

The battery must be disconnected and removed when someone needs to work with any electronic or electrical part of the vehicle.

Not just an essential part of completing the task, it is also a matter of safety.

Once the user disconnects and removes the battery from the vehicle, they can continue with the sensor reset procedure.

So, disconnecting the battery before performing any task on the electrical or electronic system is a matter of maintenance.

This saves the user and takes care of any electrical components.

03. Disconnect the sensor

Once the user has found the sensor and disconnected the battery, he can continue the procedure.

Here the important thing is to remove the sensor from its location to work comfortably with this electronic part.

For this purpose, it is required to consider the special plastic terminals. It is a set of connections from the cabling to the sensor itself.

It is not necessary to apply some force to properly disconnect the sensor from the wires.

Of course, this is a set of components that can be fragile and vulnerable, and it is straightforward to damage the wiring or damage the configuration.

Therefore, you must work with a screw-on some Ford models to disconnect the sensor.

04. Resetting the sensor

Once the sensor is removed from the sensor, it is possible to perform a reset.

Somewhere on the sensor, there is an easy-to-use reset button.

Different buttons are usually incorporated to access the different modes of use that I have offered the sensor.

Pressing this reset button for 3 seconds is enough.

Each user also can apply a cleaning to complete an efficient reset of the unit.

Here the cleaning should also be performed with soft elements to avoid flaws or damage.

Once the cleaning is complete, the sensor should be reconnected in the same place.

05. Part replacement

When all the above procedure has been completed, it is possible not to obtain the expected results.

This may mean restarting and applying cleaning to the sensor and still getting the wrong readings.

So, this may be the best time to replace the unit with a new room-temperature sensor.

To do this, you need to consider the compatibility of the new room-temperature sensor with the model of Ford that you have.

It is not very common, but it is possible that the sensor can be damaged and give wrong readings.

Ford Ambient Temperature System: What & Why

Any vehicle has a wide variety of sensors that complement its overall operation.

The ambient temperature sensor is one of them and provides information to the vehicle user.

This sensor constantly works to measure the temperature outside the vehicle.

This sensor measures the temperature in the direct vicinity of the truck.

Some ambient temperature systems also often include a second sensor for the vehicle’s inside.

This allows the user to know the environment’s temperature inside the vehicle and in the immediate outside area.

In addition, this system does not gauge the temperature of the interior of the motor.

It is a different sensor that provides the information needed by each user of the area it is located.

Ford Ambient Temperature Sensors – Main Benefits

Knowing Ford’s ambient temperature sensors allows you to use a vehicle in a much more efficient way.

There are several benefits that Ford temperature sensors can provide, and these benefits are why it is necessary to have a sensor that always works correctly.

Accurate information

one of the most apparent benefits of ambient temperature sensors is the information they provide to the user.

Temperature sensors provide the correct information to each user, which is especially useful when traveling long distances.

These sensors can also be necessary when measuring the interior temperature.

Vehicle care

Knowing an area’s outside temperature allows the user to prevent certain situations.

If the outside is too hot, the user can park the vehicle in a shaded area.

The same situation occurs when the outside temperature is too low, allowing for a more efficient starting.

Increased comfort

ambient temperature sensors can provide increased comfort as another significant benefit.

Both the driver and passengers will keep an eye on the outside temperature, making any type of trip or task much more comfortable.

Where is the ambient temperature sensor located?

Most vehicles usually have this sensor in the same place.

Here we are talking precisely about the ambient temperature sensor that measures the temperature outside the vehicle.

Thus, this sensor is usually placed at the radiator or at the front of the motor.

Specifically, the user can find the ambient temperature sensor in the radiator grilles.

Once the user finds these grilles, they may notice that the sensor is near the front bumper.

This allows the air to circulate properly so that the sensor can take much more accurate readings of the outside temperature.

How to Replace Temperature Sensor on Ford: Easy Method

Once we have reset the temperature sensor, we may notice that it is still malfunctioning.

It is essential to replace the sensor with a new electronic part in this situation.

While it is possible to hire expert labor, some simple steps will save you money.

Disconnect the battery

It is always important to remember that the battery must be disconnected before any work.

Even if it is a mechanical repair, disconnecting the battery could save a lot of trouble.

As we have mentioned, disconnecting the battery before performing any task is an important safety issue for each person.

So, to replace the temperature sensor on a Ford, the battery must be disconnected.

It is also essential to have some basic safety items, such as classic gloves for dealing with electricity.

Only when the battery is disconnected can it proceed to the next step.

Finding and removing the sensor

If the user has decided to perform the temperature sensor reset, then you will also know where to find this sensor again in the vehicle.

However, the Ford temperature sensor is usually located at the front of the radiator or in the front engine compartment.

This sensor must be removed carefully to avoid causing any damage to the rest of the related parts.

This is particularly critical when separating the wiring from the sensor.

Some people try to clean the sensor to check its operation, and if this does not help, simply remove the sensor.

Adding the new sensor

The new Ford temperature sensor must be installed in the old temperature sensor’s location.

Before that, it is crucial to check the compatibility of the new temperature sensor with each user’s Ford vehicle.

There is always helpful information in the owner’s manual about this.

Once the new temperature sensor is connected, the battery can be reconnected.

The new sensor needs a maximum of one hour to equilibrate its operation.

At the end of this time, check that the temperature readings are correct.

FAQs on How to Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford

Is it easy to reset the room temperature sensor?

During the lifetime of this sensor, a reset is available.

This may be necessary because many sensors in a vehicle can become out of calibration due to different circumstances.

It is also a great way to determine if the ambient temperature sensor is working correctly and is not damaged.

As we mentioned above, some straightforward steps can be taken to properly reset the ambient temperature sensor.

It’s simply a question of locating the sensor on the front of the radiator.

After disconnecting the battery, you disconnect this sensor and press the reset button on the sensor.

How to calibrate the sensor?

Resetting the ambient temperature sensor can be an excellent way to calibrate it for factory operation.

However, there is no additional way to calibrate this sensor, and this is because it is an electronic component usually protected against any kind of change in its operation.

Once the user resets the sensor and reconnects it, it only takes a few minutes for automatic calibration.

Some sensors may need an hour to stabilize their operation.

What are the signs of a damaged sensor?

As with any type of sensor in a vehicle, there are some symptoms that you may notice when the ambient temperature sensor is damaged.

One of the typical problems is a malfunction of the automatic regulation of the air conditioning.

It is also possible to notice errors in the outside temperature readings or unbalanced or inconsistent cooling.

When any of these errors appear, it may be due to damage to the room temperature sensor.

Is there more than one room-temperature sensor?

In most cases, it is normal to have only one sensor to gauge the outdoor climate.

However, some newer models often also include an ambient temperature sensor on the vehicle’s inside.

To know if both sensors are functioning correctly, there must be a difference between the readings of each sensor.

In general, the inside temperature should be higher than the outside air of the vehicle.

Of course, the context between the two readings must be considered.

How to troubleshoot an ambient temperature sensor failure?

Once the user has noted that the ambient temperature sensor is malfunctioning, it should be reset.

Simply perform the procedures described earlier.

The sensor could be damaged in certain instances, so the reset will not work.

The best way is to replace the sensor if it is malfunctioning.

It is an electronic sensor, and the repair could be costly. This is due to the complex design of the sensor.

Does the motor performance decrease with the ambient temperature sensor?

There is no bad or good engine effect with the ambient temperature sensor.

It is simply a part that analyzes and provides outside temperature readings to the vehicle.

What budget does a new sensor require?

The total cost of a new ambient temperature sensor can vary.

The parts alone can cost a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $100—also, factor in labor which could cost up to $70.


As we have seen, the performance of any vehicle’s sensors is essential at any time.

This also includes the Ford temperature sensor, and that is why it is beneficial to know how to reset the ambient temperature sensor Ford.

Resetting this sensor allows you to get much more accurate outside temperature readings in any location.

Also, it can be useful to change the sensor in case of malfunction.

All possible precautions should be taken to perform any of these tasks without problems, such as disconnecting the battery before starting.

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