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How to Program a Ford Key with Only One Key: Best 3 Steps Method

Learning Ford key programming like “How to Program a Ford Key with Only One Key”, could be quite beneficial. With the Ford key, it’s easy to program the Ford key by using only one key.

Whatever, you don’t, you are in the right place since this article post will take you into detail on how to program one with a single key.

If you lose the original ford key, there is no reason to panic since you can do some hacking and replace it conveniently.

With the right tools and expertise, programming a ford key with the one key takes less effort and time.

You can also do it yourself, thus saving you huge costs associated with hiring for professional help.

In this guide, we will take you into details and insights on how to program the ford key by utilizing one key. Let’s get started…..

How to Program a Ford Key with Only One Key: Easy & Effective Way

Losing car keys is a common problem most car owners face. A good thing, it’s possible to program a ford key using one key.

Our goal is to get you back and road and by relying on information detailed in this post, you are way ahead of people lacking it.

In this guide, we will look at steps to take when programming a ford key.

Here’s how to program the ford key using one key:

Step 1: Start by Cutting the Keys

Before embarking on programming the replacement keys, cut them in a manner that complements the original ford keys. Avoid cutting the keys if you are not a pro since you can damage them.

Consider hiring a professional locksmith if you have never cut keys before. After cutting the keys, the job is still not yet accomplished and it’s crucial to be patient.

If you insert the cut keys on the ignition and start the car, it won’t respond. As we said, be patient.

Step 2: Embark to Download the Software

After you have cut the keys, you need to set them up by downloading the software. Failure to download the software is catastrophic since the ford keys won’t function.

On the market, there are various software’s suited for ford and it’s important to download one that you like.

Tastes and preferences play a key role in choosing the best software for Ford. Downloading and installing the software is super easy and it’s a process that doesn’t long to accomplish.

Step 3: OBD Affiliated Software

By now you should have activated the software of your choice. After activating the software it’s high time you download another software. Download the OBD software suited for the adapter.

Downloading and installing this software is the easiest thing in the whole process of programming ford replacement keys.

What are the Transponder Keys and How does it Work?

Transponder keys are vital when it comes to cars’ anti-theft.

Moreover, the transponder keys usually have a microchip in the plastic component of your car key and work by receiving vital signals from the automotive.

An antenna is responsible for signaling these signals and is found in the ignition cylinder part.

A computer located in automotive that use the transponder should receive a response from the key to ensure that the car will start.

Failure to integrate this signal leads to poor response and thus a failed car start.

The transponder has long been used in the motorcycle industry, making them a trending technology in the machines sector.

Soon non-transponders keys will be done away with, and the fact remains, these modern keys are here to stay for many years.

Before using a replacement key, you program it so that it complements the transponders keys. Ensure that you hire a professional locksmith to get work done fast.

Automotive locksmiths have all the necessary tools required to do tidy work, especially when cutting keys.

Programming ford car key with one key is a task you can manage on your own, but in case you encounter any difficulties, seek help.

Transponder keys have revolutionized the automotive sector and without them, life wouldn’t be easy as it is when replacing lost car keys.

Types of Transponder Keys

There are two types of transponder keys; the encrypted type and the Zero bitted type. Let’s take a deep look at the two versions.

Encrypted Type: However, the encrypted transponder keys have current and randomized encryptions that require to be programmed before they can be used on a car.

Encrypted keys are added when a newly purchased key is removed from a vehicle utilizing a hook-like tool to the OBD port.

Lastly, the key is programmed and thus incorporating a new encrypted key.

Zero Bitted Type: By design and make, this type of transponder key is cloned and lacks the current inscription.

Programming usually happens when a key is placed onto a tool. By doing so, the key is cloned to the zero-bitted key.

All these two types of key transponders have modernized cars when it comes to replacing a stolen or lost key. The benefits of having a transponder key are many and that’s why it’s ideal to own one.

How to Program with OBD Tool: The Complete Method

Programming OBD tools are directly related to how to program a Ford key with only one key.

OBD tool comes with a disk that you insert on a computer to install drivers. Your device will then be fed with these drivers.

If the OBD tool lacks a disk, visit the manufacturer’s online site and download them. Ensure they complement the model of the OBD tool you are using.

Installing the drivers and follow all instructions laid out in the user manual. Move to the next step once you have accomplished installing the drivers.

Step 1: Connect the Tool

To connect the device you need to install the drivers for the OBD tool, link the OBD tool onto your car.

Once you have connected the two, the laptop will display configurations that are useful for programming keys. After you have finished this process, you are done with configuring the keys. Super easy!

Step 2: Setting the Key

By now you should have connected the OBD adapter drivers onto the computer. After ensuring everything is set correctly, use FORScan software to set the key.

Setting the replacement keys takes a few minutes and also doesn’t involve many steps. Here is how to set the key. On your computer, open the FORScan software and switch to the real mode.

To achieve this, click the “Connect to the car” icon.

When windows start to pop it’s a sign things are correct and just click “yes”. After clicking “yes” the software will scan your car and this may take several minutes.

On the wrench icon, click “PATS programming” and run it by clicking the play button.

To finish the set up click “ok” and click “ignition key programming”. When asked to insert the master key in the ignition area, do so.

A confirmation window will pop on the laptop screen detailing whether the key has been set or not.

Step 3: Programming the Transponder Key

A good thing about using the FORScan software is it registers the master key once incorporated into the system.

Right now, it’s the high time we program the replacement keys and this is how to do it:

  • Start the FORScan software.
  • Using the mouse, click the wrench icon on the screen
  • Go for the PATS program option and click the play button
  • Setting the transponder key from here is super easy and ensures you have everything detailed in the warning window icon
  • While continuing to program the key, you will encounter a warning that requests you to insert the replacement key onto the ignition. Insert the key to check if it is already programmed and working
  • If it’s working, disconnect everything and know everything is back to normal and working
  • Challenges you will likely encounter

Programing the ford key using one key takes these above-mentioned steps. Let’s now look at other valuable insights concerning programming ford keys with one key.

How to Program a Ford Key with Only One Key: Some Prevalent Problems Include

  • Compatibility Issues: Programming software sometimes has compatibility issues that affect the overall usability
  • Failure: Programming software my signal that it’s not compatible with the key you are programming

Required Tools for the Process

Programming the Ford car key requires you to have tools for accomplishing this important task.

All these tools are not cumbersome to use and importantly can be accessed easily in the market if you lack one.

Here are tools used when programming the ford car key:

  • Bluetooth Enabled Adapter

Comes in both wired and wireless form and the best thing is it’s readily in the market. Also, it’s not expensive but importantly should be Bluetooth enabled.

  • A Computer

A must-have tool for this exercise and in case you lack one that is not Bluetooth enabled don’t worry. You can conveniently use the wired adapter and install it on the computer to get the job done.

  • Software

Should be installed on the computer and the ideal version to seek in the market is “the FORScan version”. FORScan software version is much easier compared to other versions.

  • Keys

Of course, keys shouldn’t miss before starting the job. Ensure that you have the original Ford car keys plus the newly acquired ones.

Key Replacement Cost and Tips of Key Replacement: Costing Details

Ford replacement key is useful to get you back on road with undying confidence. Maybe you have lost your car keys and realized you need a replacement key.

Replacing the key helps to save you from unwanted emergencies and thus conserve your time. But how much does ford replacement key cost?

The Ford replacement keys are quite expensive and hiring a person to program it for you is the main cause of the expensiveness. Ford keys averagely cost around $200 to $300.

If you can program the key, it will cost less. Averagely ford replacement costs around $20 to $30.

As you have seen earlier on, there is a lot to do when it comes to programming a transponder key utilizing just a single key. If you lack the original key, then programming the transponder key can be tricky.

Due to the different models of Ford, it becomes much harder to replace one. As such, if you lack the original key, try using a master key to program the ford transponder key.

Sometimes it becomes tricky to cut keys and also program them. As such, it’s vital to hire a professional locksmith.

Hiring a locksmith will cost you some money sums but it’s a worthy venture. A locksmith will help to cut the keys perfectly before you can embark to program them with a computer.

If you have lost the spare key, you need to get a new one.

There are diverse sellers of the Ford F150 replacement keys and you can’t be sure who provides original keys.

Importantly, ensure that you buy a replacement key from a reputable dealer or Amazon. Car keys might be the smallest accessories but are vital for running the car engine.

Without them, there would be no ignition and consequently no movement. In case you lose the original key, it is possible to replace the Ford key using one key.

Always ensure you have a spare key to avoid unnecessary panic and inconvenience when you misplace the original keys. Having spare keys gives you freedom and helps save time since you can use them.

All in all, if you lack a spare key and have a transponder, it’s possible to program a newly bought Ford key.

Common FAQs Related to “How to Program a Ford Key with Only One Key”

When it comes to programming Ford Keys, there are many procedures involved. Frequently Asked Questions part provides answers to common queries relating to Ford keys. Let’s look at them:

Q: What is the average cost for programming Ford Keys?

Ans: Some car key programmers usually charge a hefty fee that can surpass $250.

Since programming Ford car keys are not that hard, save huge money sums by learning how to program them.

Q: Can I program a Ford car key without assistance?

Ans: Absolutely, you can program a new Ford car key without aid and avoid incurring huge costs associated with hiring professional programmers.

Learning how to program Ford car key is one of the easiest things.

Just follow the process outlined in the tool manual to learn how to program one.

Q: Where can I afford a replacement key if I’ve lost the original key and also lack a spare?

Ans: Usually if you have lost the original key and the spare, 3 options are workable.

First, you can hire a towing service provider and take your ford car to the replacement key dealer.

Secondly, you can make an online purchase and then look for a dealer or cut it yourself and program it.

Lastly, call a professional locksmith to offer his or her services when replacing a Ford key.

Q: What are some of the factors that determine the cost of replacing the ford key?

Ans: If you lack the expertise to program ford keys, you will have to incur some costs like hiring a locksmith.

Also, other factors that determine the cost include:

  • Your location
  • Presence of code for cutting the acquired key
  • Location of getting a replacement key
  • Is it original ignition or not?
  • Time of replacing
  • Your car year of manufacture


Have you known how to program a ford key with only one key? Well, it’s possible and is a process you can articulate on your own.

If you encounter any difficulties especially in cutting the replacement key, it’s vital to contact a locksmith for assistance. No one can be a pro at everything!

With the right tools programming a ford key with only one key is super easy.

Apart from incurring the cost or cutting the replacement key, you shouldn’t face additional costs since you can conveniently program a new key.

Save huge money sum by relying on the info availed in this post.

Also, relying on the info in this post gives you enough expertise to program keys for other people and maybe earn something out of it.

Additionally, it’s a process that takes a few minutes and is fun. If you have lost the original key and spare key, don’t panic. It’s possible to program a ford key with only one key.

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