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Ford F150 Blend Door Actuator Reset: Easy Process with Handy Guide!

You enjoy driving and you’ve become such a buddy with your vehicle. But not knowing how to fix the F150 blend door actuator reset can be a problem.

You might have an issue with the temperature of the vehicle’s cabin.

But you probably don’t know where the problem is from and don’t want to visit a mechanic shop — That’s right — it’s time to get a new skill under your belt.

For some people, the idea of losing their vehicle parts is the most dreadful aspect of fixing things themselves.

However, it’s easier to follow a verified source of information that helps make sure that there are no regrets at the end of the day.

Having to ride in a vehicle that doesn’t warm or cool right can be a struggle. It could indirectly cause accidents or ruin your plans for the day somehow.

With adequate knowledge about how to troubleshoot and repair a blend door actuator, you can be confident about knowing what to do concerning any blend door actuator issues.

F150 Blend Door Actuator Reset: 4 Steps Method

Getting to know how to reset your vehicle’s blend door actuator doesn’t have to feel like a burden to you. Moreso, it won’t be getting defects too often.

It is possible to easily get the blend door actuator fixed while being careful and following the instructions to the letter.

Unlike repairing a blend door actuator, attempting to reset the blend door actuator means that the device is probably just stuck.

Hence, the blend door might not be needing a replacement.

01. Removing the Dashboard cover

To reach the blend door in your vehicle, you need to remove the dashboard cover. Removing the dashboard should also require some drivers to remove bolts and screws.

As soon as you can get the dashboard cover off, the next thing you want to do is to locate the device. And it is just going to be behind your HVAC controls.

02. Find the Actuator Motor

Taking off the dash of the vehicle you should now find it easy to locate the actuator motor. Alternatively, you don’t always have to remove the dash of the vehicle.

Sometimes just talking off the glove compartment will do. To get the glove compartment out you only need to squeeze the sides and attempt to pull it out.

On finding the actuator motor, you can use the screwdriver to help get it loose. Now you can check the actuator for any possible damage.

If there’s no damage, start the vehicle without the blend door. And again start it by re-applying the blend door. Hopefully, it will work.

03. Inspect the motor shaft

When examining the motor shaft extension in a blend door, there are a few reasons why it can be damaged.  The damage can be caused by wear or breakage.

To test what the problem is, you can move the blend door by hand. If it moves past a range of 60 degrees, then the axle must be damaged

04. Replacing the blend door

Spoilt motor shafts are more of the problem with blend doors. And hopefully, the problem doesn’t get more complex than that.

Now you need to cut the plenum box at the bottom to get the blend door replaced. You can easily get blend doors for your vehicle from reputable vendors on amazon

Blend Door Actuator Ford F-150: What & Why?

Vehicles usually have the temperature of the interiors managed. But the blend door actuator is usually ignored.

The regulation of the interior space of your vehicle is done by the blend door actuator Ford F-150.

However, you can try to locate it behind the climate control case on the vehicle’s dashboard. Sometimes the blend door is referred to as a temperature door or mixture door.

If you ever have to repair your blend door actuator, you should make sure to hire a professional. The cost of the repair is usually between $200 and $500.

But if you can be meticulous, you can do it yourself. Some other factors that can affect the cost of the blend door actuator are the year and model of the vehicle.

Ford F150 Blend Door Quick Fix

If you’ve decided to fix the blend door for your vehicle yourself. The following steps can help to navigate a quick way around fixing it.

The blend door of your f150 can require a quick fix due to certain problems such as being stuck. Blend door fails don’t happen frequently.

Yet, it’s important to know a thing or two to remedy the situation.

Meanwhile, a couple of things can go wrong with your Ford F-150 to require a quick fix. But whatever the reason is, you can’t reach the blend door on your vehicle from the surface.

Stuck Blend Door

A stuck blend door came off as a squeaky sound. The squeaky sound is usually a result of the inability of the blend door to move.

An effective way to sort out this kind of problem is to take off the dashboard and attempt to reset the blend door.

After taking out the dashboard you should remove the actuator. Start the vehicle and activate the actuator.

With the engine turned off you can reinstall the blend door actuator. If it still doesn’t work, you might need to replace the blend door actuator

Clicking or Knocking Noise

Sounds are one of the easiest to detect faults with a blend door actuator. And you don’t need a description to know what a sound is like.

However, hearing a sound and tracing it to the location of the blend door is a sign that you have a broken blend door actuator motor.

There are times when you have to be extra attentive to hear a sound that gives a clue about a problematic actuator.

The sound might suggest an imminent replacement.

Inconsistent Airflow/Restricted Airflow

Inconsistent airflow might not be easy to realize when you’re busy with your daily activities.

However, if you’re very familiar with how your vent usually works, you might figure this sign out pretty quickly.

Many times this is because of a blend door actuator that isn’t properly fitted and moves around.

Getting behind the dashboard and trying to make the blend door stable could work.

FAQs on F150 Blend Door Actuator Reset

Is it safe to drive a car with a faulty blend door actuator?

Driving a car with a bad blend door actuator can cause discomfort for the driver. Remember that the blend door is responsible for climate control with vehicle spaces.

So while it’s not a severe issue, it’s still something you should fix as soon as possible. It’s going to be an unpleasant driving experience to be in a vehicle that is not conducive.

Most times a faulty blend door causes the movement of only hot air into the cabin of the vehicle. And the atmosphere in the car can become unbearable to drive.

So it’s better to change it as soon as you realize the fault.

What is a blend door actuator?

The blend door actuator is a common part of ford vehicles that is responsible for climatic control within the vehicle.

Although the blend door actuator cannot easily be seen on the surface part of the vehicle it’s barely recognizable if you haven’t had to deal with it.

However, it’s so important as you can become pretty uncomfortable quickly when it’s not functioning right.

This part of the vehicle resides behind the dash and mixes hot and cold air into the cabin of the vehicle.

You could be getting either extreme when the blend door actuator is bad — Hot or Cold

How do I detect a bad blend door actuator?

A bad blend door actuator can be found out for several possible reasons.

There’s the making of abnormal noises. This abnormality could come off as a clicking sound when it is activated and you’ll usually hear it coming from directly behind the dashboard.

The most obvious sign to fishing out a bad blend door is in its climate control functions. If you’re having extreme heat or cold in your vehicle cabin, then the actuator might be faulty.

Some other things you look out for in your vehicle are unusual temperature in the vehicle cabin and inconsistent airflow.

If you feel up to it you can find DIY steps to rectify the issue with your blend doors

Can I fix a blend door actuator myself?

Yes, you can fix a blend actuator yourself. However, it is necessary to be able to discern a situation that is well within a DIY scope.

If you attempt a DIY on your blend door issue you should be able to hold back when you think the situation is out of hand.

This means that you would be needing professional service personnel. To fix a blend door actuator, you should make sure that you have the necessary tool handy to take care of the task.

Without using appropriate tools, you are likely going to do some damage to the parts of your vehicle. Usually, the socket and ratchet are enough

What causes the blend door actuator to fail?

For this, it’s necessary to understand the role of the blend door actuator in a vehicle. The blend door actuator is always working to keep the temperature within a working vehicle comfortable.

The f150 ford blend actuator can get worn out. When it is worn out, you’ll start getting any of the common signs to notify you of the problem.

The blend door actuator could be making noises or the temperature in your vehicle becomes unconducive.

The good thing is that blend actuators don’t go bad so often in the real world. The chances of the blend door actuator looking bad are like 1 in 2000 vehicles.

What is the function of a blend door actuator?

The blend door actuator can easily be neglected by folks who don’t know it or its functions?

The blend door controls the temperature within the vehicle cabin and is located beneath the dash.

However, a professional technician would know where the blend actuator is.

You can even control the actuator yourself and play with the temperature of the air coming through to your cabin by increasing or decreasing it.

Can I maintain a blend door actuator?

Although blend door actuators don’t seem to get spoilt too often. It doesn’t hurt to check out your blend door to see if it’s functioning properly.

Also, it might take a moment to realize a blend door has gone bad.  It’s a visible part of the vehicle.

Yet, some thermal discomfort is sure to get you thinking ‘blend door actuator’ if you know what it is and what it does.

When you hear sounds around the dash coupled with extreme heat or cold in the vehicle the odds are high that the blend door actuator needs fixing.

To test a blend door actuator, you should try blasting hot air through and hope not to get cold air.


If you never had an idea that a thing like a blend door actuator existed within your vehicle you’re welcome. We hope that you can carry out an F150 Blend Door actuator reset by yourself.

Because it is nice to be able to do these things within your vehicle by yourself. It is also a self-satisfying act that you might sincerely enjoy doing.

Blend doors are not very easy to get to considering that you probably have to pull your dashboard off. Meanwhile, it’s good to have the necessary tools to get the job done.

Now that you know all there is to a blend door actuator, you can easily identify, fix it and do a reset where necessary.

Despite the absolute professionalism of an expert technician, you are capable of fixing your blend door actuator yourself.

By following this useful guide, you can feel confident about identifying and fixing an f150 blend door actuator. Now go ahead detecting blend door actuators and resetting them like a pro.

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