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How to Bypass Ford PATS Without Key: 5 Easy Steps

Those who lost their car keys and are wondering how to bypass Ford PATS without key; they’ll find a solution here. Remember that the worst-case scenario for a car owner is misplacing their car keys.

However, there is no need to stress if one can’t start their automobile but doesn’t want to spend money on professional help or doesn’t want to get a new one.

Using this guide, one can bypass their car’s PATS system without breaking the bank. For decades, car theft has been a prevalent concern.

As a result, knowledge of this nature is critical. So, stay tuned to know more.

5 Easy Steps on How to Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

Those who lost their car keys and can’t find them anywhere don’t need to worry.

Following this instruction will enable a user to turn off the PATS system for Ford vehicles without the help of an expert.

The critical thing to remember here is that this isn’t a long-term solution. Keep in mind that disabling the PATS system means that Ford will be vulnerable to auto thieves.

One should obtain a new transponder key as soon as they’ve entered their vehicle and disabled the PATS system.

To get around Ford’s PATS security system, follow these procedures.

1st step: One should figure out what they’ll need

To turn off the Ford PATS system, one will need the following items:

  • To enter the vehicle, a user will need a screwdriver (a flathead one). The lack of a screwdriver isn’t a problem; instead, they can use anything with a straight edge.
  • A user should cut the new keys and match them to the original keys.
  • The tape is needed for slinging the transponder when the original key is gone.

2nd step: Keys must be cut

A local dealer will cut the keys for a Ford owner. As a result, the replacement keys will match the old keys as they are cut.

Therefore, one can start the vehicle by inserting the ignition key. Even without the chipped key, the engine will start.

As a result, the new keys can be used to fool the auto computer into assuming that the transponder key is being used for starting the car/truck, etc.

Those who intend to utilize the keys going forward should ensure that they are cut.

3rd step: Taking the Transponder out

Now that one has the new keys, they should take the chip out from the transponder.

Using this chip, one can fool the car into thinking they have the original key and thus gain access to the vehicle.

Since the chip is required, one will not start the engine without it!

To remove the chip, follow these instructions:

  • Use the flathead screwdriver to remove the screws.
  • The key has a small square on the right at the top.
  • Use the screwdriver to get inside the vehicle.
  • Be careful with the keyboard keys. The keys could be damaged if one applies too much pressure.
  • After inserting the screwdriver into the key, remove the transponder.

The transponder from the original keys can now be utilized by the new keys that one has purchased and cut, as one has removed it from the original keys.

4th step: Locating the appropriate location for the transponder

Getting the transponder in the correct spot isn’t always easy, so don’t stress about it. One might have to try a few times before they find the right spot.

One should keep trying until they find the correct spot for the chip, even if they accidentally activate the theft lightly.

5th step: Disabling PATS

We disabled the transponder because it’s the only way the vehicle can realize that a user has the right key. The ignition will be fitted with a transponder for security reasons.

Mounting a transponder is as follows:

  • Tape the transponder to the ignition so that it is securely fastened.
  • Ensure that the chip is placed conveniently for the vehicle to read. Therefore, one won’t be able to start their vehicle if it is unable to do so.
  • Insert the key (newly cut) inside the ignition to start the engine.
  • Turn the ignition switch to see whether the automobile begins to run. The chip may need to be repositioned till it starts operating again if it doesn’t.

Follow these steps to know the solution for bypass ford P.A.T.S without key.

Ford Passive Anti-Theft Systems (PATS)

Automobile manufacturers have developed numerous methods throughout the years to combat car theft.

While automakers have devised several security mechanisms to combat this problem, these systems aren’t always effective.

PATS is standard security technology. To determine whether or not the key a user is using is genuine, a gadget installed inside the vehicle uses a sensor to check.

Ford introduced this safety feature to their automobiles for the first time in 1996. If one misplaces their original keys, they will not start their vehicle.

As a Ford owner, it’s essential to know how the PATS or the Passive Anti-Theft system works. A dealer’s replacement key costs $150-$200; a locksmith’s replacement key will cost $80.

If a user has two working keys with transponders in them, a blank key (with a chip) can be obtained, and one can use their automobile to program that blank’s internal transponder.

No matter how many times a driver tries to start their car, nothing happens.

They can, in such a case, program a transponder key. On the other hand, if they don’t feel like doing it themselves, they can pay an expert to get a new transponder key.

Non-Ford aftermarket remote start systems will not work with the Passive Anti-Theft System.

As a result, problems with vehicle start-up and security protection could emerge from using these systems.

Ford PATS System Troubleshooting: Let’s Find the Problems

PATS or Passive Anti-Theft System is another name for Ford Motor Company’s SecuriLock security system technology, which uses an electronic device put in a vehicle to prevent engine function without using a particular token or key.

When using Ford SecuriLock, several issues may develop that can be resolved with simple troubleshooting approaches.

Key that Cannot Be Used Due to Its Damage

The components of a Ford SecuriLock system may not recognize a damaged encoded ignition key.

Therefore, use a spare encoded key or obtain a new key if the key shows chipping, wear, or other damage to the Ford PATS system.

Interference in the transmission of signals

Radiofrequency identification, or RFID, interacts with the installed Ford PATS system.

If the driver has other electronic gadgets on his key chain or hand, RFID signals may be disrupted by them, preventing the system from working properly.

Remove all electrical devices from the driver’s person or key chain to prevent this.

Theft-Related Damage

A driver should check the ignition lock for any signs of tampering, such as damage. SecuriLock/PATS immediately shuts the engine down if an effort is made to override the system by force.

Next, the driver should contact a Ford dealer to repair the engine.

A few other issues could be:

  1. A key with an encoded number that has not been programmed has been discovered.
  2. Inconsistency in PCM IDs between PCM and PATS controls

How to Fix the Anti-Theft System

Ford’s passive anti-theft system, SecuriLock, is standard on every Ford vehicle.

In addition, two electronic keys (or three if a car includes the valet feature) are included in the purchase price of each vehicle.

These keys are unique to each vehicle. The car will not start until the right coded key is used to dissuade auto thieves.

However, when the car’s legitimate owner tries to start it, the mechanism does engage. Before calling a dealer for repairs, one should check a few things.

1st Step: One should ensure that the key they are using is correct for the vehicle. For example, if one owns multiple vehicles with smart keys, one may have accidentally picked up the wrong one.

2nd Step: A user should lock their car and activate the PAS system by pushing the “Lock” button twice on the key fob.

The sound of a horn will confirm system activation. Moreover, if one uses a key fob to unlock the car, they should be able to start the vehicle using an authorized ignition key.

3rd Step: One should take off the key ring any other electronic gadgets or smart keys they may have (such as those for rapid gas purchases).

These can cause the SecuriLock/PATS system to be activated by interfering with the ignition key’s signal.

4th Step: Check the ignition key for any physical damages. If the chip inside the key is damaged in any manner, it may no longer function.

Although it is an approved key, the SecuriLock/PATS system would not accept it.

Look for signs of manipulation or damage to the steering wheel-mounted ignition lock.

It is necessary to have the vehicle towed to a dealership to deactivate SecuriLock if someone has attempted to steal it and triggered the system.

FAQ for the Bypass Ford PATS Without Key

What is a PATS key for Ford, and what are its functionalities?

PATS is the abbreviated form of Passive Anti-Theft System (for Ford vehicles, which is also called this SecuriLock).

It’s a safety feature on most (if not all) new Ford vehicles that prevents the starter from working unless a key that’s been carefully programmed is used.

How can we reset the PATS?

The PATS system can be reset by turning on the ignition and holding the reset button for about five seconds at a time.

Reset the device several times until the D.T.C. indicator appears, and then look for a code. Turn the ignition off after you’re finished. It should be able to do this on its own.

How to bypass ford P.A.T.S.?

Anyone, not just pros, can bypass a PATS. A transponder key is needed to fool the system into thinking that the car is not being tampered with.

Is it possible to use a snap-on scanner to reprogram the Ford keys?

A scan tool can modify the security systems that came standard on many older vehicles.

When is the Anti-Theft system activated?

If a door, trunk, or even the automobile’s hood is opened without the use of a key or remote control, the system should go off.

Moreover, if the ignition is turned on without the use of a preset key, the system should be activated.

Where is the Pats module’s location on a Ford?

One can find a transponder in the car’s key known as the PATS. With every Ford purchase, one will receive a transponder, and each of these transponders has a unique code.

What can I do to stop my truck from being stolen?

In the first step, one will need to insert the key inside the door lock. Even if the automobile has a keyless entry system, the driver’s side door and the physical key can be used.

Then, a user needs to unlock the automobile door by turning the key in the ignition. Then, for 30 seconds, hold the key in the position.

What are the possible issues with the alarm system on my Ford pickup?

One can activate the system even if someone accidentally bumps into a vehicle. In addition, a transponder key’s alarm may go off at random if the battery is running low.

As a result, one can use their spare coded key if necessary. As soon as the problem is resolved, they will know that the battery in the primary key fob must be replaced.

When the anti-theft light blinks, what does it mean?

The Theft Deterrent System activity should be shown by a light on the vehicle’s dashboard. To activate the car’s alarm, one must lock the doors and turn off the engine.


While car security systems have some disadvantages, they also have several benefits that their users can take advantage of.

More and more automobile owners are content with the security and tranquility of owning a car.

A vehicle’s PATS system is an integral feature as far as the security aspect of the four-wheeler is concerned.

Keep in mind though that a Ford PATS system can be disabled with no effort and minimal expense (if needed). Even if one doesn’t hire an expert, they can do this independently.

Thanks for reading this guide on how to bypass Ford PATS without key and good luck with getting your car back in working order.

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