Death Cab for Cutie and Chvrches Support North Carolina Organizations

Death Cab For Cutie

In response to North Carolina’s HB2 (aka the “bathroom bill”), Death Cab for Cutie and Chrvches are donating all proceeds from their NC dates to the Freedom Center for Social Justice and Southerners On New Ground (SONG), two organizations rooted in North Carolina working to support LGBTQ folks standing up against HB2.

“We are incredibly distressed by HB2 and all that has been happening in North Carolina, but are also heartened to hear about so many people fighting to create positive change,” stated Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry. “I know that our fans will join us and Death Cab in promoting equality, empathy and understanding between people, and we are proud to be supporting Freedom Center for Social Justice and Southerners On New Ground at this show.”

Since the passage of HB2, musicians have been an important partner to organizations. They are bringing much needed attention through boycotts, donation of essential funds to organizations working on the ground and supporting their fans to be an important part of the resistance.

“We know that all of us have a role to play in creating a world free from fear where attacks like HB2 are no longer feasible,” says Elias Lyles of Southerners On New Ground. “Death Cab for Cutie and Chvrches are acting in solidarity by using their concerts in North Carolina to lift up the voices and work of southern LGBTQ people of color, immigrants, and working class folks.”

For support connecting with organizations working in North Carolina, send an email with the subject “NC: HELP!” to