How To Buy Running Boards for F150

Running boards add to an emergent upgrade factor of your vehicle and play a role in enhancing the overall appearance of your F150.

Therefore, make sure to choose one of the best running boards for F150 that proves more effective and visually appealing. 

When choosing Ford truck running boards, there will be a vast variety of options that you will come across.

As much as some running boards for F150 SuperCrew might be good to look at, it is also essential that you consider how much weight they can bear.

Thus, if you want the best f150 running boards, toughness and construction are significant elements to consider to ensure that the upgrade is worth the money spent on it. 

Moreover, after considering the rigid construction of your options of the f150 running boards, the following central element is the aesthetic build of the running board.

What are the best running board brand for Ford F150?

AMP Research, APS iBoard, and Tyger Auto are leading running board manufacturers currently. All three of them deliver robust products with high durability.

However, even Yitamotor is a great alternative if the previous brands do not meet all your needs.

Why “AMP Research, APS iBoard & Tyger Auto” are the best choice running boards for F150?

We recommend AMP Research, APS iBoard, and Tyger Auto because all of them have sturdy, great-looking running boards to suit your truck.

They do not just improve the entire appearance but are highly durable as well.

Also, these brands promise quality and give you the finest products only without compromise.

Buying Considerations for the Best Running Boards for F150

As there is a long list of products in the market when searching for the best F150 running boards or running boards for F150 SuperCrew, you must consider all the significant factors to ensure a worthy purchase.

So, you might require a helpful buying guide to look for the exact product you desire to purchase.

Here, we have listed all the factors to analyze in detail to make perfect quality, perfect fit purchase of running boards for your F150.

Types of Running Boards

Before selecting any specific running board, you must be aware that there are various types of running boards.

Therefore, you will have to analyze what type you are looking for and then browse through the running boards of that type.

Types of running boards include:

  • Size step bars.
  • Full-sized step bars.
  • Tread running boards.
  • Power step running boards. 

Size step bars are comparatively easier to install and can be located anywhere you want them on your vehicle.

The running boards that are of full length of your entire vehicle and cover it all are the Tread running boards. These running boards are heavy and can be a little complicated to install, might even require professional help.

The power step running boards are automatic and operate with the help of power.

Premium Construction Material

When buying an efficient running board, considering the material and construction of the running boards is very important.

Most of the running boards are constructed with aluminum and stainless steel.

Both of these materials are of high strength and are also corrosion-resistant, but if you do not look into the construction of the running board you’re planning on buying.

Alternatively, you have no idea of what material might be better, you might end up buying a running board that is made up of plastic. 

Plastic running boards are comparatively cheaper and cost-effective, but they are fragile and cannot hold the weight efficiently.

Therefore, you will have to replace that running board in a short time. Plastic is a weaker material that gets dented and worn out easily than metals. 

So, if you want to buy the best quality running boards for F150, make sure to look for the running boards that are constructed with metal, either aluminum or stainless steel. 

Material and Width of the Step Pad

A step pad is the most integral part of the running board as it serves its primary purpose of providing convenience in stepping in and stepping out of the vehicle.

While looking for running boards for F150 SuperCrew, make sure that you analyze the material and the width of the step pad.

Step pads are usually made out of plastic or rubber as they are durable and have a non-slip factor.

Although, rubber is more durable and has a much firmer grip than plastic one. Still, you can choose one from both of them.

The width of the step pad is also important because the more comprehensive the step pad, the more place and hold your step will have on the running board.

The stronger the grip, the more convenient it. Also, the width of running boards determines how much of the paint and surface of the vehicle will be protected. 

Weight Capacity

As the running boards are responsible for holding a lot of weight when you or any passenger of your vehicle steps in or out of the vehicle.

You consider the running board’s weight capacity that you are planning on buying. The average weight capacity required for the adequate performance of the running board is at least 300lbs.

But you can look for a running board with even more weight capacity according to your needs. 


If you plan to buy the best F150 running boards, you will have to consider their durability.

You might not want to keep changing the running boards because of their short lifespan and low quality. Steel and aluminum running boards are comparatively a lot more durable than running boards of any other materials.

In addition, aluminum running boards are light weighted and also helps in saving gas along with quick installation. 

Simple and Easy Installation

A simple and easy installation process has a lot of advantages.

If you are planning on buying the best running boards for F150 that you can install by yourself, look for the running boards that are comparatively smaller in size and fit precisely into your vehicle.

Look for Ford truck running boards that support your vehicle’s year to ensure that you don’t have to drill or cut holes to make the running board fit into the vehicle. 

While choosing the best running boards for Ford F150, ensure that the package includes:

  • All the necessary hardware.
  • Mounting brackets.
  • Detailed D-I-Y instructions to make the installation process more manageable.

With proper guidance and instructions from the manufacturers, you will have efficient running boards installed in your vehicle in a short time with significantly less amount of effort. 

Crucial FAQs for the F150 Running Boards

What are running boards, and for what purpose are they used?

Running board is an auto-upgrade of the vehicle that provides extra length to the car and is a convenient step for the drivers and passengers. They come in various types and materials. 

Are running boards necessary in the Ford models?

No, these auto parts are not necessary but the variety of different advantages they hold are undeniable.

The benefits of running boards include a safe step to enter and exit the car, and these boards also protect the sides of the car from rocks and extreme weather conditions.

In addition, running boards provide safety and security to the car and passengers and enhance the vehicle’s visual appearance.

How much does it cost to install F150 running boards?

Running boards come in different price ranges depending on their efficiency in performance and high-quality build.

Starting from an installed $350 running board, they go up to $1800 for the electric-powered running boards. It is totally up to you what type of running board you want for your vehicle or your affordable price range.

Are aluminum running boards have any specialties?

Most of the high-performance and durable running boards are made out of aluminum and stainless steel as both these metals provide greater strength to the board and are corrosion resistant.

However, running boards made out of ABS plastic can easily be dented or scratched, offering less durability.

Can I install a running board by myself?

Installing running boards is not challenging if you have all the necessary hardware, mounting brackets, and proper instructions at hand.

So while looking for running boards for F150 super crew, make sure you choose the running board that comes with all the necessary components and a D-I-Y installation guide prepared by the manufacturers. 

If you are incapable of installing the running boards by yourself, you will have to visit the auto body shop for the installation, but this might cost you a couple of dollars. 

What are the best running boards for trucks?

Some of the best running boards for trucks are that you can consider for your vehicle are;

  1. Editor’s Pick: APS iBoard Running Boards
  2. Best Budget Option: TAC Side Steps
  3. Best for Crossovers: Westin Brite Aluminum Step Board
  4. Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit
  5. Ionic Stainless Steel Curved Nerf Bars
  6. Tyger Auto Riser Running Boards

Are electric running boards better than the traditional ones?

Both of these running boards have a lot of differences.

Although traditional running boards are cheaper than electric running boards, they do not serve as much performance efficiency as many electric running boards do. 

Traditional running boards remain intact and can prevent side damage to your vehicle in case of an accident but their performance declines and even fails with time.

At the same time, this is not the case with electric running boards, as they have more excellent durability and are automatic. 

Do running boards affect gas mileage?

Yes, running boards tend to affect the gas mileage of your vehicle.

If your running board is lightweight, it will most probably have zero effect on your vehicle’s gas mileage, but if it is heavy, it will surely decrease the fuel economy, leading to high fuel usage.

Therefore, you might want to consider lightweight running boards to have a more negligible effect on the fuel economy. 

How to install the running boards on your own?

If you are planning on installing the running boards on your own, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you;

Take out the running board and mount it out of the package.

There will be holes in your truck where you will have to mount the brackets given with the running board and fit them tightly; if there is no hole.

You will have to drill holes of your own, for this purpose, consider reading the D-I-Y installing instructions provided by the manufacturers.

Now, connect the running board to the brackets to have them installed. Connect the writing harness if you have lights with your running boards.


Although running boards are not necessary yet the number of benefits they offer have made them quite popular among the truck and SUVs community.

They are not only capable of providing safe and secure steps for entering and exiting the vehicle but also enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Therefore, while choosing the best running boards for F150, consider the ones with greater durability and easy installation.

Even though the running boards with these factors might be a little expensive, still they are worth the money if they perform efficiently as promised by the manufacturers.

Whatever type or material you end up choosing, make sure to go through the appropriate buying guides to help you through the selection process.

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