How To Buy Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kit

For people looking to draw out more power from their car or diesel truck, having the best ford 6.0 EGR delete kit installed in their vehicle is a must.

EGR delete kits are aftermarket item assemblies that remove the EGR system from a vehicle.

For those truck owners looking to increase their engine’s life and increase overall performance, it’s recommended that they must pick an EGR kit. 

Such a package lets the diesel engine in a truck operate cleaner, endure longer, and perform better. It also eliminates the possibility of engine damage from the EGR system.

An EGR delete kit includes everything one will need to get started, but keep in mind that it’s only for using off-road.

As the removal of an EGR cooler kit is banned in all 50 states and will lead to a vehicle failing emissions testing.

What is the Best 6.0 Ford EGR Delete Kit?

AA Ignition is the finest Delete kit for the Ford EGR available in the market. It promises excellent results and smooth drives.

Excel Fu is also a great option if the previous kit does not meet your requirements. Both the kits are reliable and give terrific results only.

Why “AA Ignition” is the best quality Ford 6.0 EGR delete kit?

We suggest you go for AA Ignition as it gives the desired boost and improves the engine’s life. Also, the brand extends smooth drives and boosts overall fuel pressure effectively.

Further, it does not damage the engine but improves its overall functioning. Altogether, it is a reliable choice that promises stunning results only.

User Buying considerations for the Best Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kit

Let’s look at the few things to consider while buying the best quality Ford 6.0 EGR delete kit.

Simplicity and Durability

Components such as the pipe, tube, and even the block-off plate should all be built and engineered to last a long time.

Choose an EGR delete kit that includes a step-by-step owner’s guide for installation and only requires essential tools.

Go for such a manufacturer of an EGR delete kit who gives a legitimate and dependable warranty to ensure endurance and quality.

Type of EGR Delete Kit

The EGR deletion kit 6.0 is available in two versions: contractor-grade and consumer-grade. One can also choose between a gas-powered EGR delete kit 6.0 and an electrical grade EGR delete kit.

It’s essential to keep in mind that electric models are incredibly efficient due to their compactness.


Unless one is looking to use an EGR deletion kit at a professional auto repair shop, make sure it’s easy to transport.

Not only is a very portable EGR delete kit easy to ship, but it’s also simple to install.

Where to Purchase

A used or a new EGR delete kit can be found at various machinery stores, hardware stores, and online.

The majority of consumers buy their EGR delete kits 6.0 online because they get shipping absolutely free.

Compare EGR delete kit 6.0 prices from many genuine retailers to locate a high-quality, low-cost delete kit for a vehicle.

A price of an EGR deletion kit should include free shipping at no extra charge. 

After placing an order, a supplier should be capable of delivering the EGR deletion kit to the buyer in two to three business days. For those who need it sooner, their shop should accommodate them with UPS overnight shipment.

Return Policy

Before buying an EGR deletion kit, one must make sure their source has a good return policy if they have to return it within two weeks. 

They should make sure they get an RMA number from their source before they return the delete kit. It’s worth noting that most retailers don’t reimburse handling or return shipping fees.

Most Searched FAQ’s for the Best EGR Delete for 6.0 Powerstroke

What are the advantages of using EGR delete?

After installing the best ford 6.0 EGR delete kit, one will be able to lower repair and fuel expenses while also reducing soot deposits caused by an EGR valve.

By disabling it, dangerous impurities are prevented from being reintroduced into the engine, causing difficulties.

Besides, the fuel economy improves as the engine’s performance improves.

Is it unlawful to remove the EGR?

An EGR deletion is banned in all the fifty states in the U.S. All automobiles must comply with federal emissions regulations.

A penalty for changing an emissions component can cost thousands of dollars.

What happens if an EGR is deleted?

The only time removing an EGR valve will result in increased power or lower fuel consumption is if the EGR valve is blocked or defective to start with.

Crankcase gases frequently cause an oily substance to build up inside the EGR system in the engines of the older models.

However, even then, cleaning the EGR valve is the best solution.

Is EGR harmful to the engine?

Not only does EGR reduce performance by clogging and then shortening the intake channel.

But it also harms engine oil and damages the coolant used to cool the exhaust gases as they pass through the EGR cooler.

Can the EGR valve be blocked?

An Exhaust Gas Recirculation or the EGR Valve is a part of a vehicle’s emissions package and can be found on almost all modern engines.

In a few states, taking it off will result in an emissions inspection failure.

Wrap It Up

Regarding updating a diesel engine, the best ford 6.0 EGR delete kit is a regular part and extremely useful.

Such a kit is also growing in popularity as drivers look for ways to increase their diesel engines’ performance while cutting maintenance costs.

However, just like every other engine upgrades, it has benefits and drawbacks.  

Therefore, one must go through all the specifications of an EGR delete kit before they buy one. Hopefully, this guide helps them in their efforts. Happy shopping!    

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