What’s Your Issue?

We don’t shy away from artists’ issues–in fact we’re here to help you do right by them.

Whether it’s climate or health care, racial justice or voting rights, women’s issues or LGBTQI rights, RPM can help you do more for the issues that you care about with less time and effort.

But to be of most help to you, we need to know what your issues–the cause-related ones—are. So drop us a line (or call us at 415-255-0331) to let us know.

Here are some examples of how knowing what issues artists care about has worked in the past:

  • In February 2013, the Sierra Club was organizing a sign on to put pressure on President Obama to veto the Keystone Pipeline. Because RPM already worked with a network of artists that cared about the environment, we were able to get 28 sign-ons—more than half of the letter’s signatories—in less than 72 hours.
  • In 2013 and again in 2014, RPM shared sign-on letters in support of real net neutrality with the artists in our network working on media justice issues. These letters, co-sponsored by Future of Music Coalition & Free Press, played a major role in the decision-making and process leading up to the FCC vote and net neutrality victory in Feb 2015.
  • In the days before the 2014 election, RPM teamed up with Taskforce and HeadCount to flood social networks with #GoVote images, messaging and information. More than 500 artists—musicians, comedians, TV personalities, visual artists, and more—posted images along with vital voter protection and polling information. Because we know the issue areas that the artists in our network care about—we were able to send individualized sample posts and art. The impact was incredible–over 300 million impressions!