Tune-Yards and The Water Fountain

In 2015 Tune-Yards established The Water Fountain with funds generated using RPM’s strategies and support. The Water Fountain continues to make meaningful investments in organizations who are approaching water from the perspective of protection & conservation, climate change, and health & women’s issues.

“With RPM’s support, we funded and launched (and are now maintaining) a charitable fund. I still can’t believe I can say that! With their help, the whole process was seamlessly integrated with what we already do as touring musicians, and it felt easier than I ever could have imagined. It has been deeply empowering to pair my music with my beliefs and to have a tangible impact on the causes I want to support. I try to steer all my peers toward RPM. It’s given every show I play more meaning.” —Merrill Garbus, Tune-Yards

Merrill has been active with RPM since attending an Artist Lab retreat in New Orleans. She attended the Artist Lab retreat in an effort to expand her awareness of environmental and social justice issues alongside her peers, while also learning how to successfully incorporate cause work into her music career.

Taking what she learned on the retreat, combined with 1:1 support from RPM, Merill has incorporated a partnership with the Water Fountain beneficiaries into this most recent tour. Throughout the tour, Merrill will be inspiring fans to take action through her social media and raising money through portions of ticket sales from U.S. shows and related music licensing.

Learn more about the Water Fountain here or read about the Fund in Billboard and FreeTimes.