Talking Climate Change & Sustainable Touring: A Recorded Webinar

Whether you’re playing clubs, theaters, or stadiums, there are ways that you can make your tour more eco-friendly. Here are some best practices and resources, including a recorded webinar with industry leaders, sample green riders and links to more information. As always, RPM is always ready to help you implement any of these strategies.

The EnviroRider– Designed to help agents and production managers communicate with venues on sustainable action items.
The EnviroTour Guide– A guide for artists and managers who want to implement sustainable production for their shows.

(send a request to for an editable version of the EnviroRider or EnviroTour Guide)

Talking Climate Change & Sustainable Touring Recorded Webinar

Hosted by Deyden Tethong and Jessica George with guest speakers:

Alison Tickell
Founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle


Contact:, @jb_alison, @jbgreenmusic

Kim Johnson & Jessica Scheeter
Kim is Manager of Jack Johnson and the co-founder of Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation and Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation.
Jessica Scheeter serves as Non-Profit Coordinator for Jack Johnson’s All At Once Community and is the Executive Director of Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation.



Jack Johnson@Jackjohnson
All At Once, @Allatonce_org

Mike Martin & David Lewis
Mike is Founder & CEO of EFFECT Partners, and David serves as the Chief Operating Officer.


  • GreenNotes: Cutting edge resources for musicians and nonprofits to promote change in four core areas: the environment, food, homelessness, and hunger. @gogreennotes |


Effect Partners | @effectpartners |
Michael Martin | | @mminmm
David Lewis | |  @davidtlewis