Support Organizations Responding To Family Separations

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Below are organizations working to address the immediate needs (reunification efforts, humanitarian aid, legal services, etc), mobilize communities (organizing frontline communities and allies to make local change with national impact) and make systemic change (work to reform immigration policies that lead to the crisis we’re facing today).

It takes ALL of these angles to make lasting change. My best suggestion is to take a look at this list below, then get in where you fit in.

Immediate Needs

These groups provide legal and direct services to immigrants to assist with reunification and release from detention.

Organizations like The Florence ProjectPeople Helping People, South Texas Human Rights Center and No More Deaths provide legal services, humanitarian aid and supplies along migration routes.

How RPM can help you support. Work with RPM to do an online special merch item, like the button that Mac DeMarco and Shamir did to benefit the Immigrant Rights Defense Fund. Special Merch items can be easy to set up so money can get to where it needs to go quickly.

Community Mobilization

It’s also critical to support communities taking action at the border and resisting cruel and inhumane immigration policies.

Organizations like MijentePuente ArizonaFamilies Belong Together and United We Dream are organizing and supporting communities to keep the pressure on leadership and to organize for change over the long term. If you want to participate or let your fans know about actions, reply to this email and we can get you hooked up.

How RPM can help you support. Work with RPM to add $1 to every ticket you sell on your next tour like Hurray For The Riff Raff did to benefit Mijente. That is one of the easiest ways to generate a large donation AND it keeps the issue on fan’s minds long after this press moment is over.

Systemic Change

Below are organizations working to change institutions and policies. This is sometimes heady work that doesn’t always get the shine.

Detention Watch NetworkNational Immigration Project, and the Advancement Project are just a few of the organizations working to push for immigration reform and stop the policies that lead to the crisis we are facing today.

How RPM can help you support. Work with RPM to set up a branded fund, like My Morning Jacket’s Waterfall Project. Through this fund they are able to raise money and support through ticket add-ons, special merch items and direct fan donations. This strategy can be activated for the long term and generate support over multiple tour cycles.

We definitely didn’t list every great organization, but we know you understand. Write back to this email if you want to get involved and we’ll get right to work setting something up or connecting you.

It’s all connected…

If you care about climate change, consider how our changing climate drives populations to leave their homes.

If you have been working against mass incarceration and ending money bail you probably already know how this system impacts immigrants and refugees.

If you care about gun safety, consider how our gun policies impact our southern neighbors.

If you love food, it’s good to know how so much of our food is dependent on immigrant labor, and Anthony Bourdain knew it.