Social Good With Social Media

Social media can be one of your most powerful channels for making change.

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Why Social Good Content Is So Valuable

Social media can be one of your most powerful channels for making change. This is because artists have incredible influence and immense social media following. In fact, political scientists have found that artists engaged in activism help fans feel that they are connected to an issue and that they can make a difference—the most important aspects to convincing people to act.

Social media is an easy and inexpensive way to gain attention for an issue or cause. It’s also good for business as it can help fulfill the constant need for social media content while also connecting with fans on a more personal level, strengthening your brand by articulating what you care about and what your values are, and growing followers in the process.

Here’s how your social media can do social good:
  1. Identify the causes and issues you care most about. Follow the organizations, experts, and news outlets that provide information and stories about those issues. Share and post their content as it appeals to you.
  2. Begin to raise awareness around these issues on social media. Post messages that include factoids about the issue, why itʼs important to you, stories and videos, etc.
  3. Promote relevant and timely campaigns and actions that will help bring awareness or new audiences to the issue. Specifically ask your fans to take action. This includes asking them to share content by saying “Pls share” or “Pls RT”.
  4. Use visuals to engage your fans: Images are the most shared content on social media. Use large, engaging visuals with every post and ask folks to share using those images.
  5. Find unique ways to get fans involved by making your social media content interactive. Some things you might want to consider doing:
    • Feature your fans and audience members. Make it a conversation by asking questions and sharing fans’ responses in interesting and unique ways.
    • Give them a social media oriented mission and incentive for sharing. For example, ask fans to “Tweet a photo of how you are using public transportation to get to our show and you will be entered to win a backstage pass.”
    • Invite your fans to express why they care about the cause. They can share things like videos, text messages, or artwork. Then find a way to feature your fansʼ contributions through your various channels.
    • Get competitive! Run a contest amongst your fans: encourage fans to volunteer and document their efforts with a picture or video. Then choose a fan to highlight on social media pages. Have fans nominate their favorite charity or nonprofit to be considered consideration for a donation. Incentives could include tickets for a show, merchandise, music, or a phone call from you.
  6. Measure: Use a url shortener service (such as to see how many people have clicked on your link and measure what content is resonating with your fans. Over time, watch what works and keep doing it. RPM has other measurement tools to help you understand your potential impact in using social for good. Contact us!
HIGHLIGHT: #GoVote Social Media Campaign

One example of artists using social media to make change is the #GoVote campaign seen by over 300 million in the days before the 2014 election. More info about the #GoVote campaign here.

Go Vote 2014-Usher-Twitter

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