Charity Requests: Save Time & Be More Strategic

Contact any of the RPM staff for a customizable copy of this form. We can help set it up and even manage the process for you.

This sample questionnaire will help you gather all of the information you need from an organization to determine if you’re able to participate in an event or project. It can and should, be customized for your specific needs and interests.

Tips on how to use it:

  • Make it a Google form or reach out to RPM for help doing so.
  • Customize it for each artist who receives requests.
  • Review all charity requests at regular intervals. This helps reduce emails and streamlines the process.
  • Set up canned email responses (sample language below). This allows you to simply direct requests to your Google form for more details or to decline requests outright.

Sample language for sending the form:

Thanks for being in touch with [Artist Name]. To help us determine if we can accommodate your request, please answer the following questions concisely (no more than 3-4 sentences). If your request is feasible and under serious consideration, weʼll reach out to you for additional information including: budgets, annual reports, strategy, board members, and contact information for three references for your work with musicians and comedians. Thank you.

Sample language for turning down requests:

We have received your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are unable to participate or accommodate your request at this time. Thank you for thinking of us and best of luck.

Sample Charity Request Form

To help us determine if we can accommodate your request, please answer the following questions concisely (no more than 3-4 sentences). Thank you.

Type of Request

  1. Describe the specific request of the artist(s) that you want to engage. For example, a performance, signing on to a letter of support, initiative or project, donating money or an auction item, Public Service Announcement, a fact-finding trip, or a media/press interview or speech.

Organization Information

  1. Name of organization:
  2. Tax ID:
  3. Tax status:
  4. Proof of current status:
  5. Year organization was formed:
  6. Last year’s annual budget:
  7. This year’s projected budget:
  8. Main contact name, phone number, and email:
  9. Organization’s website:
  10. Organization’s mission:

Event, Campaign, and/or Project Description and Information

  1. Primary goal of the project you’re asking the artist to participate in:
  2. Date, duration, and deadline of the event/campaign/project:
  3. Location (city and venue) and exact time (if your request is for an event):
  4. Specific “ask” of artist (What do you want them to do?):
  5. Deadline for response:
  6. List of others you’ve asked to participate, noting who has confirmed their participation (to date):
  7. Briefly outline your strategy for achieving success around this particular effort.
  8. Description of why this particular artist (and not others) will help this event achieve its goal. (What does this artist bring to this event that will differentiate this request from other requests they receive?)
  9. Please describe previous work that you have done with musicians or comedians. (Include the name(s) of the artist(s) you have worked with, what you asked of the artist(s), and the impact of the effort.)  
  10. Please describe if and how this effort will raise money for a cause, and exactly where the money will go. (Please include estimated revenue, any affiliation with a corporation or corporations, and ticket price.)
  11. If this request is an event, please list expected event attendance with this artist and without this artist.
  12. If the event is a rally or outdoor event, what is the alternate or indoor location?
  13. If you are requesting this artist to give a live musical or speaking performance, please provide specific details and budget allocated to provide an adequate sound system and staff for the performance, including the names of vendors and/or sound engineers. (Please also provide the name of the person responsible for quality of the production and the person who will review production rider information.)
  14. Describe the budget allocated to cover necessary transportation, meals, and accommodation costs for the artists and their production staff.
  15. Please describe the press strategy. (Who is responsible and what experience do they have in garnering the type of press you need to achieve the above-stated event goal?)
  16. Briefly outline your assessment of any potential media risk to artists. (i.e. backlash if advocating for or against a particular position.)
  17. Briefly outline your strategy for mitigating risks in order to successfully achieve the stated goal.
  18. Briefly outline the timeline associated with this event, including when the artist can expect an impact report delivered.