SMWRS Donate $1 Per Ticket, Announce SWMRS Fund

SWMRS is partnering with RPM on their upcoming tour to donate $1 per ticket sold to organizations through their own branded fund

The SWMRS Fund is dedicated to supporting organizations working on the frontlines of climate, racial, economic or gender justice issues. More information about the beneficiaries, which include Third Wave Fund, National Bail Fund Network, Climate Justice Alliance, and Girls Rock Camp Alliance, can be found here.

We’re so lucky to be able to pursue a life of art and music. Singing, dancing, and playing shows makes us feel free and empowered. We wanted to start this fund to acknowledge how fortunate we are to do what we love, and to do our part to make the world a place where everyone can feel as free as we do.” – Cole Becker

In addition to the dedicated $1 per ticket sold on tour, the band will also be collecting direct individual fan contributions on their branded fund donation page.