RPM Partner Spotlight: Gulf Restoration Network

Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) is one of our New Orleans partners, and has been a part of the Artist Lab retreats we’ve done there since early 2010. In fact, they became a partner just a few months before the BP Oil Spill! Since then, GRN has brought artists in RPM’s network to see the wetlands on boats and airplanes, and has given issue briefings on the phone, in person, and backstage.

Artists have responded by spreading word of GRN’s work through social media, video, appearances on talk shows (warning, you won’t get this one out of your head for a while), and during shout outs at concerts. Artists working with RPM on philanthropic strategies and advising have also directed over $150,000 in donations to GRN through micro-donations on tickets, auction items, digital benefit albums, and more.

The bulk of these funds helped GRN document and organize in the critical months and year after BP’s oil spill in the Gulf. Artist support in all of these forms has been an incredible asset to GRN’s work:

“Successful advocacy requires a compelling message, credible messengers, and effective delivery…RPM [and the artists it works with don’t] just understand this; they make it happen, and in doing so change the world for the better.” —Steve Murchie, Campaigns Director, Gulf Restoration Network