Revolutions With Your Merchandise

RPM is really proud of the fact that a large portion of our operating costs are covered by the 15% that we retain from implementing charitable campaigns with artists. That means that we are spending almost ALL of our time helping artists generate support for some amazing causes. But since it doesn’t cover it all, we could use your help.

Starting this fall we are launching RPM sweepstakes, creating opportunities for your fans to bid on something special from your camp. Donating an item and letting your fans know when we post your item is an easy way to support RPM. Items could include something signed you have laying around, a favorite t-shirt or accessory, or tickets to an upcoming show. You down? Please take 2 minutes to fill out this short form  or send us a message at!

By raising money through a commission on charitable campaigns and support from the RPM network, we’re not competing with the very nonprofits we’re trying to raise money for.   

You know we love you and very much appreciate your support!