The Orwells Support Off The Street Club

In late 2016, The Orwells released a song, “They Put A Body In The Bayou,” and announced that they would be supporting Off The Street Club, Chicago’s oldest boys and girls club.

“When we were growing up we spent hours upon countless hours listening to, learning, and writing music together. We were spoiled to have access to instruments and a computer that came with a home recording program. Spoiled to have a community that let us fumble our way through the same three chords on a stage – whether that be in our high school’s gymnasium or our buddy’s living room. Without the benefits of growing up in the community we did we can confidently say that we would not be the band we are today. This is why we’re teaming up with Off The Street Club. An organization aimed to give people that live in one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in the country a fair opportunity to become what they strive to be. Whether it be a studio, a stage, a gym, a field, et cetera, this organization will help give the youth a program where they can show and grow their talents. Something everyone should be spoiled enough to get.” – The Orwells

Located in West Garfield Park, Off The Street Club supports more than 3,000 kids to participate in afterschool programs, tutoring and mentorship opportunities. They dedicated a portion of the proceeds from both tickets and merch toward Off The Street Club.

Living in Chicago? Find more information about how to get involved with Off The Street at