Midterm elections are around the corner…

Our democracy works best when we are all inspired to participate. That is why RPM is here to connect you with nonprofits who are making an important impact this November AND are building a healthier democracy all year.

In advance of the midterm elections, RPM is partnering with Movement Voter Project to direct support to lesser-known organizations who are:

  • Creating momentum that lasts beyond election day by organizing around issues all year long.
  • Led by the very people in the demographic they are setting out to organize.
  • Not just educating voters and getting them to the polls, but also working beyond election day to build relationships with elected officials and participate in the development of legislation.

A few quick and simple ways to contribute:

  • Dedicate a percentage of proceeds from your merch store for the last quarter of the year.
  • Release a song. Could be a previously unreleased live version or something fans haven’t heard at all.
  • Run a sweepstakes via RPM for tickets or items you have that you think might do well with your fan base.

We can also easily pull together a portfolio of orgs who are working on a specific issue important to you or direct the money you raise to the areas that need it the most.

Ready to get started? Shoot me an email at jessica@revolutionsperminute.net.