Mic Check: Speaking Out About Issues

Clip art of microphone in hand

Try these tips to successfully use your platform to speak about the issues you care about:   

Pair up with a credible source of information on the issue. There are a lot of things that make someone credible, but we know that those with lived experience have a perspective that is essential to shaping a solution that addresses the complexity of any issue. Rely on those who understand this to help you understand the issue and align with long term solutions.  

Always have a call to action or a place to send people to get involved or find out more.

Identify the two to three key points you want to make, and how to best convey these. What are the three quotes you’d be happy seeing in the media after the interview? Keep bringing the conversation back to these points.

Know the overall communications strategy for the issue and the plan for handling, mitigating, or responding to dissention. Understand the primary messages they are trying to get across and the top three arguments for and against the issue or stance you are supporting.

Know the audience for the interview and speak to it by using anecdotes and language that will appeal to it.

Know the interviewer, who else is being interviewed on the issue, and the scope and format of the interview.

You do you. Do your homework, but remember that as an artist your best asset is your ability to tell compelling stories or help people understand a situation from a different perspective. Be authentic and yourself, that’s why they love you anyway.