Implement A Campaign: Strategies For Raising Money And Awareness During The Midterms And Beyond

Raise Money

Piggy Bank

We know you and your team are handling a lot so we’re going to make this as easy as possible.

Since 2005, RPM has been using and refining the following strategies because they seamlessly incorporate into what you’re already doing and the execution is a light lift for everyone involved. By making it easy and effective, teams of any size and artists at any point in their career can get involved.

Start by letting us know you want to implement any of the strategies below. Email us at and we’ll get started.

1. Add $1 or more to every ticket you sell on tour.

Adding $1 to each ticket you sell is the easiest and quickest way to raise significant funds. It just involves one step per team member:

Agents: Receive a “how-to” document from RPM that includes deal memo language for promoters.

Promoters: Cut a check to RPM at settlement, per deal memos and “how-to” document.

Tour managers: Ensure that promoters cut checks as specified in deal memos.

Publicists: Ensure legal compliance by implementing a customized and simple version of RPM’s recommended language for ticket buyers. 

No steps for business managers or accountants. Raised funds do not hit the artist’s account. No tax implications. No separate accounting.

Here are some examples of artists who have already done this!

2. Dedicate the proceeds of a merch item or a percentage of your online merch sales.

Whether you take the item on tour with you, sell it exclusively online or dedicate a percentage of total sales, merch items are an excellent way to generate support.  

Here are some examples of artists who have already done this!

3. Release a song or album. 

Dedicate the proceeds from a release. Whether you manage the release or RPM does, we can make sure it’s a smooth process.  

Here are some examples of artists who have already done this!