How To Support RPM

RPM is the lead nonprofit dedicated to helping artists be powerful allies for change, and there are a number of ways you can support our work:

1. Make a donation. RPM will more than double your charitable impact with every dollar you donate.

To quote Donna Summer, RPM “works hard for the money!” For every $1 that you give us, we will turn it into $2.60 of artist-powered contributions to social change.

With this kind of return on your contribution, just a $1/day ($30/month) turns into almost $1,000 worth of change over the next year.

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Or donate by mail:
Revolutions Per Minute
1475 15th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

2. Donate or bid on an auction. You can also support our mission by donating or bidding on auction items and/or experiences. Contact us to donate an item, and follow us on twitter or Facebook to see our latest auction items.

3. Corporate Match Program? RPM <3 corporate matches! If you are an RPM donor and work for a company that supports them, please let us know!

4. Introduce us to your friends. Do your friends like music and comedy too? Do you think they would appreciate our work? Tell them about us!

Make a contribution today—right now—and you’ll join a network of artists, managers and supporters who know the power of artists making change. 

Thank you.