$2 Million In Giving, Powered By RPM

This is a big month for us–not only did we just turn 10 years old, but RPM has surpassed a major benchmark! We have now generated over $2 Million for other charities through our philanthropic advising program, addRPM!

Since 2010, RPM has advised musicians on ways to raise funds for the causes they care about. The $2 million has been generated by almost two dozen artists and has supported hundreds of organizations, including Gulf Restoration Network, Dream Defenders, Free Press, A Home Within, Center for Disaster Philanthropy, HeadCount, Community Water Center, and so many more.

RPM’s Artist Lab participants have generated over half of these funds. And more than $463,000 have been donated to environmental and climate change organizations alone. Artists that have been a part of this effort include Bassnectar, My Morning Jacket, Tune-Yards, Death Cab for Cutie, Rise Against, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and Hurray for the Riff Raff, just to name a few.

AddRPM is designed to accelerate artist philanthropy through mechanisms already embedded within an artist’s businesses. It offers artists an arsenal of philanthropic strategies to raise money for the causes that they care about, including the addition of micro-donations to ticket and merchandise sales, selling VIP ticketing experiences, authorizing music licensing, and more.

These funds represent more than just the dollars. Donations from artist partners send a powerful message to the staff and members of beneficiaries. As the Executive Director of a beneficiary organization said,

“This donation is more energizing to our movement than much bigger donations because of who it came from!”

More information on addRPM can be found here.